V bolt + sledge : various combinations

Various combinations of V bolt + sledge are available, please order the Vs and saddles separately from the lists in “Description” (below).
See use of V bolts and saddles.

Carriage charges.
Non UK orders ALWAYS incur a carriage surcharge, please contact us for a quote BEFORE ordering !


Various combinations of V bolt and saddle are available please order separately (apart from the 2.5″ + sledge) :

V Bolts
Plated V bolts
Stainless V bolts
Extra long 2″ stainless V bolt
3.5″ U bolt

Light duty saddle (1.5 to 2″) Pre galv
Heavy duty saddles (2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″) Hot dip or spun galvanised (finish may vary)
Stainless heavy duty saddles (2″)
Plus the 2.5″ V + sledge (only available in plated and Pre galv)

It is perfectly acceptable to use a 2.0in V bolt / saddle combination with a 1.25in or 1.5in pole. However, it must be noted that the plated 2.0in V bolt is not long enough to accommodate a 2in pole + saddle + bracket, though it is fine for poles up to 1.5in. The stainless 2.0in Vs are longer and can be used with a 2.0in pole and saddle (even with the H/D chimney brackets), as can the 2.5in Vs.

All are available with plain or Nyloc nuts.

Carriage charges.