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You've landed on probably the best, and certainly the most extensive, installations site on the entire Internet and in 2023 we had 132,000 visitors with 334,000 page hits. Just the Starlink page had 30,000 visits. In fact even “the trade” use this site, and even we use it if we want to check up on anything to do with aerials, Starlink installing, poles, clamps or brackets !

We sell (only) the best quality aerials, poles, brackets and clamps for use in everything from aerial installations to installing Starlink dishes, weather stations, satellites, RF links, GPS antennas, Helium antennas etc etc....
Most items are sent next day delivery.
The choice is yours : phone, click or visit.

ATV aerials shop in Sheffield (UK)

Business opening hours :
9.15AM to 5.00PM Monday to Friday
(closed Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays)

A.T.V have been trading in Sheffield since 1994, initially selling and repairing TVs (this side of the business ceased in 2010). The shop was opened in 1996 and we entered the aerial trade in 2000. The web site was started in 2005, we began selling by mail order in 2006 due to so many requests from our readers !

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If you’re just browsing our site out of a general interest in TV/radio reception and/or how to install a weather station or Starlink (even if you read it and find out how to solve your problem without having to buy anything) you’re more than welcome.
However, to be frank, those using our site, discovering they need to buy something to solve their problem, and then buying it elsewhere, are a little bit less welcome.

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