Through bracket for wall mounting 1″ poles


“Through bracket” / “caravan bracket”.

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These are sometimes (misleadingly…) called “caravan brackets”. And they can indeed be used for caravans but they’re also suitable for far more than just that. They are a neat, and surprisingly strong, way to attach a short 1” diameter pole to a wall or post. Alternatively if two are used a longer pole can be installed though you are limited to a pole of 1″ diameter, see “Low profile brackets” for poles of larger diameter.
Includes the 1” M6 U bolt. Zinc plated * steel 1.5mm thick.

7cm x 15.5cm (approx) and stand off 1.25″ (approx)

The straight 3ft x 1in, 6ft x 1” poles and the 10ft x 1in caravan poles fit this bracket as do the  36″ x 1″ crank and the 36” x 1” L section poles.

* Zinc plating isn’t the best anti corrosion coating (particularly on nuts and bolts) but the plating on these brackets is actually pretty good. We have one on test which hasn’t rusted at all (even on the edges) after 6 years !

Our M6 diecast wingnuts (available separately) fit this product.

Wing nut die cast M6 (pair of) 432W L5

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