ATV Poles, Brackets and Aerials Privacy Policy

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Unlike most websites who just spout copied and pasted Gobbledegook which hardly anyone could get through without some form of stimulant, this is a very short and succinct page.

Other than E mails we do not keep any digital records, all our invoices are written out on paper, hard though that may be to believe these days. Thus, your records are 100% safe. I never normally ever say anything for certain (I find you can open yourself up to the possibility of looking silly if you do that), but in this case I can actually assure you 100% [or 110% if I was a professional footballer] that no hacker can ever get your details from us.

The security number off your debit / credit card is never kept, or, if we ever have to write it down (to use a few minutes later), it's always written on a separate piece of paper to your card details, so, in the comparatively unlikely case that we had a burglar who wanted to steal our invoices he would not be able to use any of the card details anyway.

We do not use your details for marketing, either directly or indirectly, we can't be doing with any of that Cobblers.

Lastly, as far as I'm aware, nobody working here spies for the Chinese or Russians.