V Bolts standard (pair of) plated finish


V Bolts (in pairs) in a plated finish with plain or Nyloc nuts supplied with washers.
Our V bolts are measured internal diameter.
Also available inStainless steel.

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Also available in Stainless steel.

The most basic clamp is the “V bolt” which bolts the pole to its bracket, the most common sizes being 1.5″, 2.0″ and 2.75″ (internal diameter), though we also stock 1″ U bolts, 3.5″ U bolts, and extra long 2″ (stainless) V bolts.

All our V bolts are sold in pairs and come with washers.

Note that two V bolts are usually required for most brackets (1 pair of T&Ks requires 1 pair of Vs).

1.5″ V bolts are M8 thread.
2″ & 2.75” V bolts are 3/8 (BSW Whitworth) thread

Bulk prices (phone order through for this) :
1.5 inch V bolts : 50prs+ = £1.25/pr  or  100prs+ = £1.00/pr
2.0 inch V bolts : 50prs+ = £1.75/pr  or  100prs+ = £1.50/pr

If replacing a pole even the tightest aerial installer (and aerial installers are notoriously tight….) would use new V bolts, mainly because it’s far easier to just hacksaw off the old Vs rather than try and undo the nuts on rusty ones.
If you have to use V bolts larger than 1.5” make sure you check they will fit the bracket. Some brackets, esp 6″ types, only accept 1.5″ Vs. You may have to drill an extra hole yourself, or get the file out !
When using V bolts I would tend to tighten the bottom one more than the top one because if you crush the wall * of the pole you will significantly weaken it just at the point where it’s under most strain. In our tests all the poles (unsurprisingly) failed at this point. The bottom V bolt can be done up as much as you like to ensure the pole doesn’t twist in the wind, though using saddles with V bolts is the most effective method of ensuring that. Risk of the pole rotating in its bracket is particularly important if using an end mounted aerial (though, apart from Log Periodics, we don’t actually recommend end mounting aerials for outside use) or a cranked pole, and especially a Supercrank pole.

* Crushing an 18G (1.2mm) wall thickness pole is rather more likely than with the thicker 16G (1.6mm) or 14G (2.0mm) versions which we sell….

Also see (plated) V bolts rust first ! Stainless V bolts are also available and are particularly recommended for weather stations etc because rust on the nuts/threads of the V bolts makes loosening/retightening them more problematic.

V bolts rust first 300W L5

Also see article on using saddles with V bolts (they’re not usually necessary) :

V bolts with and without a saddle 548W L5

Available with plain or Nyloc nuts.

Nyloc nuts 578W L5

Carriage charges.