Plate mount / satellite mount 1.25 inch x 3 foot L section


Heavy duty welded and hot dip galvanised plate mount / satellite mount (do not confuse with seemingly similar products of pressed steel construction and inferior plated (or pre galvanised) finish).

Carriage charges.


1.25 inch x 3 foot L section plate mount / satellite mount

A heavy duty plate mount in hot dip galvanised steel (finish may vary), do not confuse with inferior pre galvanised / plated pressed steel types

The “pole” is 1.25 inch diameter by 1.6mm / 16 gauge wall thickness and the bottom plate (approx 10 in square, see dimensions on the product picture) is 5mm steel.

Recommended for any TV aerial or a satellite dish up to 60cm.

Other plate mounts are available :
2in x 3ft straight plate mount
2in x 3ft L Section plate mount
Also see heavy duty flat roof mounting kit

Wall anchors (if required) are here :
Screws (50 & 75mm) with standard plugs / screws (50mm) with universal plugs / sleeve anchors

Keeper plates” to fit this plate mount are also available, useful when installing on metal or wooden skinned buildings.

Unfortunately a non conveyable carrier surcharge applies to this product.

Pole mast diameters and wall thickness - gauge 577W L5

How strong are these plate mounts ?

1.25in plate mount on test (text) 500H L10

Carriage charges.