Collinear Antenna Mounting Plate


Antenna pole mounting plate.
Spun galvanised plate, stainless steel fixings (if required).
Carriage charges.

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Hot dip galv finish steel (finish may vary), 2.1mm thick. Two 16mm holes for S0239 sockets / N plugs allow up to 2 antennas (e.g. Radome Omni) to be mounted. The plate is available on its own or as a kit c/w a stainless steel 2” V bolt and hot dip galv 2” saddle.
Note that although the plated 2” V bolt will fit the plate it is shorter than the stainless one and therefore will only fit a pole 1.5” in diameter (or less), plus it’ll rust (eventually) obviously…..

Although these plate are actually designed to fit one (or two) collinear antennas to a pole, they can also be used to install a lot of other things to the side of a pole as well !

Carriage charges.

Additional information

Slot Size Sizes

I.D = 37mm
O.D = 85mm
Width = 10mm

V bolts up to 3” fit these slots.