Log 36 Aerial (pre-wired, c/w 1ft of self amalg tape)


Along with the Yagi18K the Log36 is the perfect general purpose aerial.


The Log 36 (pre wired) is the correct aerial in medium signal areas for any transmitter (also see Yagi 18K).

There is more than one model of Log36 on the market, and I have tested at least one other.
Unfortunately they don’t work as well…..

The aerial come with a clamp for poles up to 2in.

NOTE 1: we recommend that all Log periodic aerials (outside installs) are tilted up slightly at the front.

NOTE 2: The version sold from Jun 18 on, is, unfortunately, pre-wired. In order to improve the waterproofing of the F conn joint we supply 1ft of self amalg tape.

The Log36 is supposedly tuned to help reduce interference from the mobile phone signals transmitted just above the TV band since 2013 (though it must be said a filter is generally the most effective way to combat that problem). Log36s are only available in T group / wideband.
See wiring up a Log36.
We recommend that for outside installs all Log Periodic aerials tilted up at the front end.

Log36 v Yagi 18K

Log36 (pre-wired) Yagi 18K
Shorter (131cm long), low wind loading Longer (175cm long), medium wind loading
End mounted (more suitable for some installs)  Centre mounted (less twisting force in the wind)
Medium build quality  Very sturdy aerial
Medium gain (lower above CH50)  Medium to high gain
F connector wired  Hardwired (= better)
Non tilting clamp  Tilting heavy duty clamp

The performance and dimensions of the antenna can be found on the relevant tables below.

Log 36 and other ATV stock Wideband aerials 500H L5 PNG

Log 36 plus other aerial dimensions and wind load figures 547W L20

If there is such a thing as a “universal aerial” (which there isn't, but bear with me) this is it, also see Yagi 18K.

In most cases you can’t go far wrong with a Log 36 (or a Yagi 18K), especially if you need a wideband aerial. It is particularly suitable for Digital (i.e. Freeview transmissions) and is relatively short which is preferable for loft installations.

If you're still short of gain then try adding a variable gain(capable of being turned down to a low level) mast head amp. Also see DY14WB.