Aerial Kit c/w aerial (Loft mount)


Everything you need to install an aerial in a loft. The kit comprises an aerial (a Yagi10K or a Log36), an L section loft mount, 10m cable and a CoAx plug.

Make sure you read our article on loft aerials !

Carriage charges. Non UK orders always incur a carriage surcharge.

Clear selection


Comprises either :

 Yagi 10K aerial or Log36 aerial

ATV's choice of TV aerials the Log36 302W

Plus an L section loft kit.
A very adaptable loft aerial mount, also sold separately here.

Plus 10m of cable
Top quality copper/copper satellite grade cable.

Black copper - copper foam filled satellite grade cable 527W L5

And a CoAx plug
Decent quality plug with a brass insert etc.

Carriage charges.