Aerial kit (Caravan)


Caravan aerial kit of QUALITY components.

Available with the DM18 Log or the DM Log.

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Our caravan aerial kit contains:

One DM Log aerial, the best caravan / touring aerial.
DM Log or DM18 Log ? We stock two versions of the DM Log, the standard model and the DM18 Log, the latter so called because it only has 18 elements compared to the 26 of the “standard” DM Log. Thus the DM18 is only 2ft 6in long but, unfortunately, you will pay for that with slightly less gain, though the difference (about 1dB) is not great. On the other hand a DM18, being smaller, is easier to store and also less likely to get damaged.

One four section 9ft 4in x 1in diameter caravan pole (with “shortie” top section which can be conventientely left attached to the aerial).

10m of black copper/copper satellite grade double screened cable (white and brown also available, please phone for this)

Two double “handcuff” clamps

One brass CoAx plug (a right angle CoAx is a no cost option, please phone for this)

Jockey wheel attachment using a double clamp 300H L5

Small Log Periodic TV aerials gain curves 548W x 382H L10

Carriage charges.