Aerial kit (Wall)


A kit to install an aerial on a wall, available with or without a TV aerial (Yagi10K or Yagi 18K or Log 36).
Available with a 4ft or 6ft pole.
All items are top quality.
Also see chimney installation kits.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.

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The Wall install kit consists of everything needed to fit an aerial (on a wall, obviously !):

Yagi 10K or Yagi 18K or Log 36 aerial (or no aerial) :

Yagi 10K v Log36 v Yagi 18K

Low to medium gain (higher above CH40) Medium gain (lower above CH50)  Medium to high gain

103cm long : low wind load   131cm long : low wind loading 175cm long : medium wind loading

End mounted (more suitable for some installs)   End mounted  Centre mounted (less twisting force in the wind)

Exceptionally sturdy aerial — Medium build quality  Very sturdy aerial

Hardwired (= better) — F connector wired  Hardwired (= better)

Tilting heavy duty clamp  Non tilting clamp  Tilting heavy duty clamp

A cranked pole (4′ 1″ as standard) is the most versatile mast as it can not only “crank” around an obstruction but also help to keep any aerial away from smoke if required. This pole is a heavy duty (ultra heavy duty in the case of the 4ft ! ) 1.25” x 16 gauge seam welded alloy (non rusting) product.
A straight pole (3ft 9″) is a no cost option, please phone for this.
A 6ft pole (cranked as standard or straight as an option, please phone for that) is available but at a higher price due to the non conveyable surcharge. In the case of aerial kits that surcharge is included in the cost of the 6ft version of the kit, in fact it is that supplement which puts the price up…..

9″ x 9″ wall bracket, as with all our brackets it is welded and hot dipped galvanised. The total stand off with the cranked pole is 16” (approx)

Pair of plated 1.5″ V bolts, stainless V bolts are available at a supplement of £3.25, please phone for this

Insulation Tape (33m) (to tape the cable to the pole)

20m of Quality Cable (black), the average downlead is about 15m, but we supply 20m, just to be on the safe side ! (Brown or White – incl the appropriate colour clips – also available at no additional cost, please phone for this)

Box 100 clips (black), the correct size to hold themselves onto the cable, so you don’t have to hold the clip and get your fingers hit by the hammer……

The cable and/or clips can be changed to brown or white, please phone for this

Hole Cover (brown)

Hole Tidy (semi opaque)

Co-Ax Plug (brass) (c/w instructions)

Eye screw c/w plug (see safe use of ladders)


Test results of our aerial kit antennas v a typical Bacofoil XB10WB, all relative to a DM Log.

Carriage charges.