Wall brackets : T and K heavy duty


Heavy duty welded and hot dip galvanised T and K wall brackets supplied in pairs, i.e. a T and a K.
Available as a pair or just a K or just a T.

Unfortunately the 36″ are out of stock : due Mid Feb

Carriage charges.
Non UK orders ALWAYS incur a carriage surcharge, please contact us for a quote BEFORE ordering !
Due to the size and weight of them we cannot send 24″ or 36″ T&Ks abroad.

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T&Ks (or, even stronger, K&Ks ! ) are the strongest brackets, provided the spacing is adequate.
Note : the 36″ T&Ks are the extra heavy duty type with diagonal bracing.
All our T & K brackets are best quality welded and hot dip galvanised (finish may vary).
These brackets come with our lifetime warranty provided they are used as we recommend, see summary of which bracket to use with which pole/aerial.

Steel angle = approx 33mm x 33mm, thickness 3.5mm +/- 0.2mm

A pair of V bolts & at least 5 wall anchors are required per bracket and these are NOT included.
Plated V bolts here and stainless here.
Wall anchors (if required) are here :
Screws (50 & 75mm) with standard plugs / screws (50mm) with universal plugs / sleeve anchors

Before ordering T & K brackets, particularly with a 6ft pole, are you sure a cranked mast wouldn’t be more suitable ?

It must be stressed that T & Ks are used to gain more stand off (also see 12×12 & 12×18 heavy duty wall brackets), not because they’re stronger than a pair of smaller brackets, particularly if the latter are of the welded variety. So long as the pole’s V bolts will fit the bracket there is no reason why two standard wall brackets (or low profile brackets) cannot be used for a long pole and/or large aerial. Quite apart from anything else a pair of smaller brackets will have eight wall anchors and four V bolts to secure the pole, as against only five anchors (though more can be fitted, see below) and two V bolts for a standard pair of T&Ks. Remember : more wall anchors = a stronger install (the wall anchors usually fail before the bracket) and this is particularly important when the forces are towards/away from the wall. Alternatively use sleeve anchors.

“T”s and “K”s are available separately and 2 x “K”s are obviously a bit stronger than a T&K, though it must be admitted there are relatively few installations where this would be of consequence, after all, the pole would generally fail before the bracket anyway, excepting “scaffold poles” obviously. However, each “K” does take three wall anchors (in fact “K”s generally have a fourth hole just at the point the two base plates are welded together) whereas each “T” only takes two. Alternatively, if using a “T” with a long pole and/or large aerial, consideration should be given to drilling additional holes in the bracket’s baseplate (they won’t rust if the bracket is hot dip galvanised) to allow the use of additional anchors.

Dimensions of our T&K wall brackets 651H L5

Carriage charges.