3.6m x 48.3mm x 4.0mm extra heavy duty “scaffold” pole


3.6m x 48.3mm x 4.0mm extra heavy duty “scaffold” pole.



Ultra heavy duty 3.6m “scaffold” pole. The metric equivalent of a 12ft pole, it’s actually 11ft 10in. These poles have a wall thickness of 4.0mm and they weigh 5.4Kg each.

Suitable for use as a satellite pole :
– for Zone 1 dishes at full height
– dishes up to 60cm at 10ft length
– dishes up to 1m at 8ft length.

See how strong are scaffold poles ?

Unfortunately a carrier length surcharge applies to this product.

A 20ft version is also available (weighs 9.2Kg) which we have sent out direct from the supplier (extra carriage supplement applies), they cost £94.00. Please phone for this.

Straight pole strength tests 73% 661W L20 KB