Flat roof mounting kit (heavy duty)


Heavy duty welded and hot dip galvanised flat roof mounting kit (do not confuse with seemingly similar products of pressed steel construction and inferior plated finish).

Carriage charges.


Heavy duty flat roof mounting kit – approx 1m x 1m base

This is a heavy duty mount, do not confuse with lighter duty pressed steel / pre galvanised types.

Frame is hot dip galvanised 3.5mm thick steel (finish may vary).

Pole is 3ft x 2in diam x 3.5mm wall thickness, i.e. it’ll never fail…..

The unit is designed to take 18” (45cm) square paving slabs (these may require rebating round the nuts).

This product allows aerials and satellites etc to be installed on a flat roof without having to penetrate the latter and compromise its function (i.e. to keep water out….).

Recommended for any TV aerial or a satellite dish up to 1 metre.

Carriage charges.