Pole coupler (2 inch)


Heavy duty product for coupling 2” poles together.
Remember : if joining two poles put the the thicker gauge pole at the bottom !

Carriage charges.

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Pole Coupler for 2” Masts

This is a heavy duty product for coupling 2” alloy poles together.
Zinc plated steel (2.5mm thick) at 2″ internal diameter x 15″ long which is sufficiently strong that the pole would fail before the coupler. The latter may not apply with scaffold poles, we don’t actually know because the soddin’ scaffold pole bent our test brackets ! On the subject of scaffold poles this coupler also fits scaffold poles (48mm O/D) and can be used to join a scaffold pole to a 2” diameter pole.
The longest mast we can ship at standard carriage is 3.6m so this coupler can be utilised to make up a longer pole by joining two together. We would not normally advise coupling two 10ft x 1.6mm poles together. If making up a longer mast we would advise using two 8ft “satellite poles” (which are 2mm/14G), or an 8ft satellite pole and a 10ft x 2” (1.6mm/16G) pole, placing the thicker walled 8ft pole at the bottom. Think Eiffel Tower, it’s stronger at the bottom……..

Available with plain or Nyloc nuts.

Carriage charges.