Pole coupler (2 inch)


Heavy duty product for coupling 2” poles together.

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Pole Coupler for 2” Masts

This is a heavy duty product for coupling 2” alloy poles together.
Zinc plated steel (2.5mm thick) at 2″ internal diameter x 15″ long which is sufficiently strong that the pole would fail before the coupler, though this may not apply (we don’t know…) with scaffold poles !
Also fits scaffold poles (48mm O/D) and can be used to join a scaffold pole to a 2” diameter pole.
The longest mast we can ship at standard carriage is 3.6m so this coupler can be utilised to make up a longer pole by joining two together. We would not normally advise coupling two 10ft x 1.6mm poles together. If making up a longer mast we would advise using two 8ft “satellite poles” (which are 2mm/14G), or an 8ft satellite pole and a 10ft x 2” (1.6mm/16G) pole, placing the thicker walled 8ft pole at the bottom. Think Eiffel Tower, it’s stronger at the bottom……..

Available with plain or Nyloc nuts.