All of ATV's pole : ordered by length + internal/external diameters

ATV's poles ordered by length 300W spaced L5

All our poles (apart from the 6ft x 1in) are "heavy duty", some are extra heavy duty, and some ultra heavy duty, see Poles on test.
With the exception of the 6ft x 1in they all come with our lifetime warranty provided they're used as we recommend.
Poles over 1.5m in length unfortunately attract a carrier length surcharge.

Cranked poles

All of ATV's cranked poles to scale 16 May 23 900W

External and internal diameter of poles

External / internal

1.0in by 18G / 1.2mm = 25.3mm / 22.5mm
1.25in by 16G / 1.6mm = 31.7mm / 28.3mm
1.5in by 16G / 1.6mm = 38.1mm / 34.7mm
2.0in by 16G / 1.6mm = 50.9mm / 47.5mm
2.0in by 14G / 2.0mm = 50.9mm / 46.7mm
Scaffold pole
48.3mm by 4.0mm = 48.3mm / 40.3mm