6ft x 1.0 inch x 1.2mm (18G) straight pole


6ft x 1.0 inch x 1.2mm (18G) straight pole.
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6ft x 1.0 inch x 1.2mm (18 gauge) straight pole manufactured from non-rusting seam welded alloy.

This pole is a bit of an anomaly because we don’t really recommend them and we don’t usually sell stuff we don’t recommend. Basically they’re “Screwfix specials”, but some antennas / RF links / weather stations can only be fitted on a 1″ diameter pole, and that’s why we stock them, and the only reason we stock them.
These poles would probably be OK with a low windload aerial, e.g. an FM Half Wave dipole or a DAB dipole.

This product is excluded from ATV’s pole lifetime warranty.

Unfortunately a carrier length surcharge applies to this product.

Straight pole strength tests 73% 661W L20 KB

Carriage charges.