Cranked 3ft x 1.0 inch x 1.2mm (18G) alloy pole


3ft x 1.0 inch x 1.2mm (18G) cranked alloy pole

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3ft x 1.0 inch x 1.2mm (18G) cranked alloy pole manufactured from seam welded non-rusting alloy.

This product is eligible for ATV’s pole lifetime warranty, provided it is used as per our recommendations.

For nearly all installations we would normally recommend the 1.25″ diameter version of this pole because it’s significantly stronger but doesn’t cost that much more. However some antennas / weather stations / RF links will only fit on a 1 inch pole. That said, a 3ft by 1.0in crank is still a pretty strong pole (though not that strong at 6ft long however….), see test results at foot of page.

Carriage charges.

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