Two piece heavy duty 10ft x 1.5 pole


NOTE : due to the “join overlap” this pole is actually 9ft 9in long.
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9ft 9ins x 1.5” diameter (1.6mm gauge) heavy duty two section aerial pole manufactured from non-rusting seam welded alloy. These are often used for caravans or boats. There are two sections at 5ft each, with the loss of the 3” join, making approx 9ft 9in.
Practically speaking I wouldn’t have thought these were any weaker than a one piece 10ft x 1.5” pole because the weakest point on any pole is where it’s clamped and the join will be at about 3ft above that, thus this product is still eligible for ATV’s pole lifetime warranty, provided it is used as per our recommendations.

Additional sections can be supplied, please phone for this.

We also stock a 4 piece one inch diameter “caravan pole”, the main advantage of which is the sections are only 3ft long.

Unfortunately a carrier length surcharge applies to this product.

Straight pole strength tests 73% 661W L20 KB

Carriage charges.