Caravan / boat four section 10ft x 1in pole


Four section 1″ diameter “caravan pole” c/w 4 resusable cable clips

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9ft 4in by 1” diameter (1.2mm gauge) four section aerial pole manufactured from seam welded non-rusting alloy, these are often used for caravans or boats. As one would expect these poles are significantly weaker than the 1.5” caravan pole but, it should be noted, if wind conditions dictate you do have the option of only using 2 or 3 of the sections.
These poles are not covered by our pole lifetime warranty.
There are three sections at 3ft plus a “shortie” top section (at 1ft) to which the aerial can be left attached, thus avoiding the chore of clamping it on each time you want to use it.

Comes with four detachable cable clips.

Spare / additional 3ft sections of pole are available.
Note ! : this should only be used in calm conditions or where the pole needs to be longer because the mounting points are very widely spaced (e.g. the ground and the top of the caravan).

Straight pole strength tests 73% 661W L20 KB

Carriage charges.