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Sheffield / Crosspool TV transmitter

Sheffield / Crosspool transmitter.

Apparently it`s also known as Tapton Hill transmitter,

but I`ve never heard anyone in the aerial trade refer to it by this moniker.

Incidentally the TX isn`t really in someone`s back garden,

not quite anyway !

Sheffield / Crosspool TV transmitter, the aerial in the foreground is actually on Emley Moor !

“That`s a tight fit missus”.

What`s particularly

interesting about this shot

is that a house right next

to the transmitter is

actually on Emley Moor !

Nothing could give a more

perfect demonstration that

distance to the TX is often

a relatively unimportant

consideration !

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View of Sheffield from the NE, Crosspool is visible on the brow of the hill in the middle of the picture

View of Crosspool transmitter looking NE from Ringinglow. The television TX is one the right of the two masts on Tapton Hill. Close examination of the picture will reveal Drax power station on the horizon (to the left of the TX) and that`s nearly forty miles away !

Sheffield`s channels in relation to the UHF TV band and the gain curves of the aerials we recommend for it.   DM Log     Log36   Yagi18K     XB10K     XB16K

It can be seen from the graph that the three PSB MUXES can still be received on an A group aerial.

Also see other relevant K group curves.

Crosspool is vertically polarised and is a repeater (or relay) off Emley Moor, that is to say it receives its signal from the latter then rebroadcasts it. Since digital switchover Sheffield has been - effectively - a K group, or wideband. When (just) analogue was being transmitted it was originally an A group. Those in weak signal areas are better off with a K group (e.g. our XB10K) as it will work better than a wideband, see Sheffield`s graph. Note that the main three PSB MUXES are receivable on an original A group aerial.

DSO at Sheffield occurred in Aug 2011.

Sheffield`s Channel Allocations  (above)

The frequencies given are for (most) digital MUXES, for analogue channels deduct 3MHz.

Sheffield television transmitter (sometimes known as Crosspool) was opened in 1967 and is possibly the one used by most customers around Sheffield. Unsurprisingly the tower can be seen from much of the City as it was erected where it could (re)broadcast to the greatest area on "line of sight". Its exact location is off Lydgate lane and it is next to a Police TX mast. The height is 52m and the RSJ spaceframe construction it is similar to many others all over the country, which is unsurprising because it was a standardised design, a BICC type 152 to be precise. It was built by British Insulated Callender`s Cables (or B.I.C.C) who were responsible for much of the infrastructure built in this country from 1945 up to the 1980s. The company is still going but now but called Balfour Beatty.

Ofcom quote Sheffield`s maximum population coverage as being nearly three quarters of a million, but that includes households which may well be on another transmitter with overlapping coverage.

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Sheffield / Crosspool Transmitter       OS Grid Ref SK 324 870

Note, due to the new phenomenon of MUXICAL chairs you may experience problems with certain MUXES disappearing. First try rescanning your TV / set top box, do it manually if possible.

If this fails to sort it check on transmitter work or call the reception advice phone numbers.

Also see basic digital fault finding.

Sheffield switched over in Aug 2011.

Sheffield Crosspool transmitter radiation pattern

Sheffield transmitter`s

post DSO radiation pattern.

Note how the transmitter puts out more power to the east, and how the pre DSO restriction to the SSW is no longer present.

Radiation pattern graphic courtesy of Mike Dimmick.


For Sheffield`s frequencies see its channel allocation guide. This also includes the same information for other transmitters receivable within Sheffield`s coverage area and this can be very useful for identifying alternative transmitters. The Channel Allocation Guides can be very useful in the diagnosis of co-channel interference problems and can also be invaluable if you are trying to find a spare channel for a modulated output (e.g. for a Sky box or CCTV system) to be added to your TV setup/distribution system without suffering from co-channel.

External Links

Sheffield / Crosspool Transmitter Page on Wikipedia

Sheffield / Crosspool Transmitter Page on MB21

DUK Crosspool / Sheffield transmitter

Digital UK details of Yorkshire transmitters

We are more than willing to give advice to those actually purchasing from us. Could those only seeking information please just find the answer somewhere on this site, or ring an aerial installer local to them, or call the reception advice phone numbers.

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If you`ve found this site informative and, hopefully, interesting as well,

please help us increase the number of people reading it.

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There is one ”Local” MUX allocated to Sheffield, CH55, which is more or less within the K group. It has been used for the “Sheffield Live TV” (a local station) since the 23 Sept 2014. Due to co-channel issues with Oughtibridge, Wincobank, Dronfield and Stanton Moor, it will only be transmitted to the east and SE. In addition, there are two HD MUXES (in the CH 31 to 37 gap) on CHs 31 and 37. All of these possible channels will be receivable on a K group (or wideband) aerial.

From the start of digital (in 1998) to 2004 Sheffield transmitted all 6 MUXES at 50W

For Sheffield we recommend the DM log for strong signal areas, the Log36 for medium signal areas, and the Yagi18K or XB10K for poor signal areas, the latter aerial being particularly well suited to loft mounting. The XB16K is for those with the most marginal signals. The dimensions and test performance of the aerials can be found on the relevant tables.

Sheffield / Crosspool (and co-receivable transmitters) digital TV channels / MUXES Sheffield / Crosspool TV transmissions relative to the aerials we recommend for it.

The dotted lines are the 2 lower power HD MUXES

Sheffield / Crosspool transmitter`s TV channels / MUXES and powers (pre and post digital switchover)