DM 18 Log Aerial


Shorter (2ft 6in long) version of the DM Log, but with approx 1dB less gain. Recommended in particular for a touring aerial (boats / caravans), for non touring see Yagi10K.
Only available in wideband.
Comes with tilting clamp for poles up to 2in.
Also available in the caravan aerial kit.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.



The DM18 is 12in shorter than the DMLog (at only 2ft 6in long) but has 1 to 2dB less gain than the standard 26 element DM Log. It is most suitable for use as a touring aerial (boats / caravans) because particularly since switchover the DM18 will work fine in many locations, also see Yagi10K.
Only available in wideband.
We also stock a longer 26 element version, the standard DM Log. The latter is 12in longer but has 1 to 2dB more gain than the DM18 Log.
Both aerials come with a tilting clamp (for poles up to 2in) which facilitates elevating the front end of the aerial which we strongly recommend for all (outside installed) Log Periodic type aerials. As far as I’m aware the DM Log is the only model of Log Periodic on the market which is fitted with a tilting clamp

See Aerial Reports for the DM Log Periodics

From June 19 the DM logs have spun galvanised clamp plates ! This means that, although the finish isn’t as smooth, they’re very much more rust resistant.
NOTE : we will send any customer who has bought a DM log in the past (and is suffering from rust on the clamp plates) a pair of the spun galv ones free. Just contact us with proof of purchase. There is no time limit to this offer.

ATV's choice of TV aerials DM Log spun galvanised clamp plates 200H L5

The strong (and repairable) construction of the DM Log together with its relatively compact size also make it perfect for use in boats and caravans as well as on houses. In my opinion there is no aerial more well suited to boats and caravans than this one. Also see Maintaining your DM Log aerial.

The DM Log’s 6 inch trailing lead (c/w rain proof slide over cover) makes it even more suitable as a touring aerial. A full length lead is then attached to this “tail”.

For gain figures and dimensions see the tables / graph below.

Small Log Periodic TV aerials gain curves 548W x 382H L10

Gain tests of small Log Periodic aerials relative to a 26 element DM Log.

Small log periodic aerial tests full results table 747H 75% L25 63kB

When using the DM log for a touring aerial (caravans / boats) it’s going to get battered about but, fortunately, it’s all metal so is easily repaired. We recommend regularly checking that all the elements are a firm “tight” fit because loose fitting elements on a Log Periodic can affect its performance (unlike on a Yagi where they don’t, in fact, have to make any electrical contact with the boom at all) so try to ensure the screws are all tight. If you accidentally strip the threads simply fit a slightly larger self tapper, in gauge NOT length, particularly in the boom where the cable runs, you do not want to screw right through the cable or you may not get any signal at all (see cable testing on a Log) ! Also check the element “over clips” are tight, use a large pair of pliers to keep the latter in firm contact with the booms. The DM Log can be “opened out” quite easily at the clamp end to facilitate access to the lower element screws and or clips.

Carriage charges.