WC – Starlink pole install kit for a wall (4ft cranked mast)


Our Starlink wall install kits comprise pretty much all you need to install a Starlink (though it does not include the actual Starlink, obviously….) :
– 1.5″ / 38.2mm (Nyloc) pole coupler with stainless nuts & bolts.
– 4ft x 1.5″ Extra heavy duty cranked pole.
Hot dip galvanised wall brackets, either :
– – a pair of Low Profile or 6″x6″ or 6″x9″ or
– – a single 12″x12″ or 12″x18″.
– All bolts and nuts are stainless, all nuts are Nyloc.
– 4ft of self amalgamating tape.
Stainless wall bolts c/w universal plugs.
– Box of 100 black clips.
– Screw eye.

The Low Profile Bracket version (only that version) of this kit can be sent to non UK destinations, but please contact us for a carriage quote BEFORE purchase.

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Typical ATV Starlink installation kits in situ. Ideally, when using pairs of brackets, they should be well spaced.

Starlink wall install kit with a shorter 4ft cranked pole (does not include the Starlink, obviously….)
The Low Profile version (only) of the kit can be sent to international addresses upon payment of a carriage surcharge, please contact us for an up-to-date quote before ordering.

When using pairs of brackets the farther apart they are mounted the stronger the install will be.

When calculating how long you need your pole to be remember that the Starlink comes on a short pole, approx one foot long, and if using a 1.5″ pole coupler (as opposed to clamping it on to the side) all of that length will be in addition to the length of the pole you are fitting it on.

The kit comprises :

– 1.5″ (38.2mm) pole coupler which fits the Starlink mounting pole. Zinc plated (but decent quality) and supplied with stainless bolts and stainless Nyloc nuts. See here for fitting instructions.
The pole coupler can be bought separately here.

Extra heavy duty 4ft x 1.5 inch x 1.6mm (16G) alloy pole for maximum strength and minimum movement of the Starlink dish.

– Pair of Low Profile brackets (hot dip galv pressings – finish may vary – and Nyloc stainless bolts).
OR a pair of welded hot dip galvanised wall brackets – finish may vary – (either 6″x6″ or 6″x9″) c/w Nyloc stainless steel V bolts
OR a single heavy duty welded hot dip galvanised wall bracket (either 12″x12″ or 12″x18″) c/w Nyloc stainless steel V bolts

– Eight (or four with single brackets) stainless steel (A2) wall bolts and washers with universal plugs.

– 4ft of self amalgamating tape (remove backing and stretch when using ! ).-

– Box of 100 black 7mm clips

– Screw eye (see safe use of a ladder)

The kit represents a saving of 5 to 10% in the cost of the individual items (this varies according to the current prices).

NOTE : When installing an aerial or a satellite dish on pole you would almost always install the item on the pole then install the pole on the bracket, unless the top of the pole was very easily accessible (which it isn’t usually).

Customers’ Starlink install reports.

Starlink install on cranked pole painted black 300W L5

Notes on the above install :
The above install is using the 6.5ft pole.
Most cranked poles are installed the other way up.
This install kit has been painted black by the customer.

1.5 inch pole coupler - fits Starlink 300W L5   Nyloc nuts 578W L5

Note the pole can be used either way up !

Low Profile brackets (as above, hot dip galvanised & stainless steel bolts).
The Low Profile Brackets in our Starlink install kits have Nyloc nuts.

Low Profile Bracket (pressing) dimensions 500W L5.jpg

A pair of brackets are supplied (6×6 or 6×9) or a single (12×12 or 12×18), either wall brackets (as below, with one or two pairs of stainless V bolts as required) or Low Profile brackets (as above, hot dip galvanised & stainless steel bolts)

Wall brackets (standard) welded and hot dip galvanised 466W L5

12inX12in and 12inX18in Starlink pole wall brackets 714W L5

1.5in stainless steel V bolt 400H L5

Universal plug 50mm 400W L5

Product appearance may vary.

The screws supplied in our Starlink install kits are coach screws, as below.

50mm stainless wall screws with universal plugs 470W L5

Correct size clips hold themselves on to the cable 250W L5 So you don’t have to hold the clip on the cable and risk Derrick the Decider (the II) hitting your fingers.

75mm x 18mm screw eye cw M10 plug 326W