Pole coupler (1.5 inch = 38.2mm) – fits Starlink


Heavy duty product for coupling 1.5” poles together.
Fits the Starlink mounting pole.

Carriage charges.

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Pole Coupler for 1.5” (38.2mm) Masts

This is a heavy duty product for coupling 1.5” poles together.
Zinc plated 2.5mm thick steel at 1.5″ (38.2mm) internal diameter (but will clamp down to 35.5mm). It is 11.5″ long and is sufficiently strong that the pole would fail before the coupler.

Fits the Starlink mounting pole : our 1.5″ pole coupler will actually clamp down to the 35.8mm diameter of the (thinner) lower section of the Starlink pole and even just using that end 60mm of the pole will still be far stronger than Starlink’s pole adapter. However, if it was me, I’d be going further up the pole (to maximise the strength of the install), up to just before the point where the cable exits and then packing it out to match the diameter of the wider section.

Dimensions of the Starlink pole 600W L5

Available with plain or Nyloc nuts.

Carriage charges.