Yagi 18B Aerial


The Yagi18B is the correct aerial for B group transmitters for sites in poor signal areas.
Our Yagi 18 aerials have particularly good build quality.

Hard wired” dipole which is preferable for weather proofing….

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We recommend our grouped Yagi18 for poor areas of reception. Despite being significantly smaller (wind loading wise) than most “high gain” wideband aerials, the B group version will equal any wideband antenna over the B group. The version we stock has the best performance of all the Yagi18s on the market, it has a “balun”, a cradle and a tilting clamp for poles up to 2in. Last, but by no means least, these Yagi18s are one of the sturdiest aerials around. In fact we sold one to a chap in Orkney and he reported it was still fine after a 110mph wind ! Another customer stated “this Yagi18 makes all other aerials look like cheap, tacky TOYS!” Many people replace Bacofoil aerials with these and are amazed at the difference in build quality, and you will be too…….
I’ve always liked them, they’re one of my favourites, I would say that, all things considered, the Yagi18s (and their little brother the Yagi10K) are probably the best aerials we sell.

Hard wired” dipole which is preferable for weather proofing….

See aerial reports for the Yagi18B.

Major transmitters which can use a Yagi18B.

The test performance and the dimensions and wind loading of the aerial  can be found in the tables below.

Also see other B group curves and relevant comparisons.

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For poles up to 2in.


Comes supplied with cradle.