Triplexer TV/FM/DAB c/w 4 F connectors


Triplexer (TV + FM + DAB) c/w 4 connectors.
Internal or external use.

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Triplexer to combine or separate TV and FM and DAB.
Case style may vary

The unit is fully screened and its (removable) weatherproof enclosure means it can be mounted inside or outside as required.
It is not necessary to use all the inputs/outputs, e.g. if you only want to combine TV & DAB, or FM & DAB.
This triplexer can also be used to separate FM and DAB signals where your tuner has separate inputs for each. Under these circumstances the TV leg would be unused, unless a TV signal was present (and required) obviously ! Earth bonding terminal.

2 year warranty on this product.

If a Half Wave Dipole aerial (for FM and DAB) is combined with a TV aerial a diplexer should be used rather than this triplexer. If an aerial is connected to the FM input any DAB signal will be filtered out, similarly, any aerial connected to the DAB input any FM signal will be filtered out, also see VHF + UHF diplexer.

Triplexer opened 351W L5
1 – FM input (or output) 85 to 108MHz (loss approx 1dB)
2 – DAB input (or output) at 174 to 240MHz (loss approx 1dB)
3 – Combined output (or input) plus power pass.
4 – UHF/TV input (or output) at 470 to 862MHz (loss approx 1dB) with power pass.
(The top cover is removed in the picture of the product)

The four F connectors required are included, and they`re decent ones !

Standard and wide nut F connecters 500W L5

Similar units mounted outside.

Mast head and wall mount splitters 404W L5

Carriage charges.