Diplexer TV/FM+DAB cw 3 F connectors


Diplexer TV + FM/DAB (= UHF + VHF) c/w 3 F connectors.
Can be used inside or outside.


Outdoor/Mast Head Diplexer to combine or separate FM/DAB (85 to 240 MHz) and TV (470 to 860 MHz).
The unit is fully screened and its weatherproof enclosure means it can be mounted outside if required.

Quoted through loss approx 0.5dB

See article on Diplexers.

P&P is cheaper for this item if you phone the order through !

VHF + UHF diplexer (TV + FM-DAB) inside 322W L5

1 – Combined output (or input). NO power pass
2 – UHF/TV input (or output) at 470 to 862MHz (loss approx 1dB).
3 – VHF/DAB + FM input (or output) at 88 to 240MHz (loss approx 1dB)
(The top cover is removed in the picture of the product)

The F connectors are supplied with this unit and they’re good ones ! :

F connector with wide nut v narrow nut 206H L5

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