Diplexer Channel 38 (UHF/UHF)


Diplexer TV + TV (= UHF + UHF) split at CH38, approximately group A plus B.
Can be used inside or outside.
The version we stock is screened.

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This TV/UHF + TV/UHF diplexers may be mounted on the aerial pole (strap supplied) or on the wall, but it is equally suitable for indoor use.
The version we stock is screened.
The through loss is around 1dB, apart from on the “shoulders” of the splitting frequency (see graph below).
Cross channel rejection is about 20dB.

The units can also be used as high efficiency filters, using a 75 Ohm resistor (not supplied) to terminate the unused leg.

Channels 21* to 37 combined with 39 to 68 (i.e. split at CH38)
Technically it is A plus E (more or less), but because the E group no longer really exists it is more accurate to say it is A plus B (though part of the B group no longer exists either !)

* The lower leg actually accepts signals from 47 MHz upwards (i.e. it passes FM/DAB).

See article on Diplexers.

1 – Input (or output) of lower frequencies.
2 – Output (or input) of combined signal.
3 – Input (or output) of higher frequencies.
Power pass switchable (on or off) on either leg.

Example of using a diplexer to increase gain from two aerials :

Group A aerial diplexed with a high gain wideband aerial graph 470H L5

Similar units mounted outside :

Mast head and wall mount splitters 404W L5

Carriage charges.