Quad satellite LNB (Sky or Freesat) c/w 4 Q F conns


Long weather shield type LNB only (dishes sold here).
Supplied with 4 F connectors.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.


Sky approved Quad (4 output) LNB. Also suitable for Freesat. Collar size approx 40mm.

Typical noise figure of 0.6dB, it’s (probably) not 0.2dB…..

Not suitable for Sky Q LNBs.

As supplied this LNB only fits Mk4 Sky type dishes (2010 on).

This LNB has a long weather shield for the connections (not all do) :

Long v short weathershield for satellite LNBs 330Sq L5

The four F connectors required are included in the price, and they`re decent ones !

Standard and wide nut F connecters 500W L5

Carriage charges