3 inch x 3 inch clamp


To clamp two poles together (2″ min to 3″ max each), perpendicular or parallel.

Available with plain or Nyloc nuts.

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Heavy Duty 3” x 3” clamp

Hot dip galv (finish may vary) pressings and stainless (A4/316 marine grade) bolts.

Will clamp perpendicular or parallel.

The steel is 3.0mm thick (av) and the bolts are M8 thread.

Maximum / Minimum pole diameters :

3x3 clamp maximum and minimum pole dimensions 250H L5

A = 3 inches* / 2.0 inches**
B = 3 inches* / 1.5 inches (i.e. same as the Starlink stub pole diameter)
C = 3 inches* / 1.25 inches (i.e. will clamp to the Starlink stub pole diameter

* actually 81mm
Will actually clamp down to 1.5″ but only if the nuts on the top pressing are omitted, i.e. the clamp is tightened up using only the 4 nuts on the bottom pressing. This is due to the V bolt’s thread “running out” at less than 2″ diameter.

All dimensions confirmed !

Available with plain or Nyloc (4 of 8) nuts.

Nyloc nuts 578W L5

Carriage charges.