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Screws (50mm) with universal plugs

50mm wall screw with “Universal” wall plug These plugs are very good and usually work where conventional wallplugs won`t tighten due to the brickwork having voids in it. The plugs also work in solid masonry, obviously. Thoroughly recommended….. Requires 10mm … Read More

Screws with standard plugs

M8 medium duty wall screws (50 & 75mm) and M10 nylon plugs (50mm & 80mm) Requires a 10mm hole on the masonry. The 50mm fixing has a SWL of about 45Kg (in concrete) though they should actually take double that … Read More

Splitters, amps and diplexers

Subject list : Amplifier basics including : – Signal strength v signal quality – Signal to noise ratio – “Gain” of an amplifier – Quoted noise & loss figures – Variable gain (importance of)

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