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FM Folded Dipole

The Folded FM dipole aerial is the most rugged FM aerial available. It gives very good results on FM and reasonable signals on DAB.
Comes with a clamp to fit poles up to 2 inches.

Hard wired” dipole which is preferable for weather proofing….

Carriage charges. Unfortunately we cannot ship this product out of the UK.Read More

ATV aerial gain tests

Subject list : – Aerial gain tests, how, why, where including : – – Actual signal levels at the test site – – Why peak gain figures are misleading – – How accurate are these tests ? – – The aerial … Read More

Aerial positioning tests

ATV’s aerial positioning tests All these tests are investigating the effect of positioning on an aerial installation’s gain (using the definition the amount of signal it collects) and they prove conclusively that the position of an aerial can be vital … Read More

Aerial polar response diagrams

Subject list : – Simple aerial polar diagrams incl Omni, Half wave dipole, Full wave dipole, 2 and 3 element yagis – Typical aerial polar diagrams incl Log, Low gain wideband, High gain A grp and High gain wideband – … Read More

FM and DAB aerial performance reports

These reports are roughly * in order of the number of elements the FM or DAB aerial has, starting with the single element dipoles. For each aerial size (elements wise) FM aerials are listed first and DAB second except where … Read More

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