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Loft aerials

Subject list : Loft aerial basics Attenuation through roofs (incl solar panels) Aerial positioning in a loft Suitable aerials for lofts Loft aerial recommendations Don’t forget the cable Mounting an aerial in the loft Aligning your aerial Amplifiers and splitters … Read More

Indoor / Set top aerials

Do not confuse set top aerials with loft aerials, “set top” is exactly what we mean, an aerial you put on, or next to, your TV… Subject list : – What is the best indoor aerial? – Amplifiers are not … Read More

Aerial recommendations for main transmitters

On this page our aerial recommendations are ordered by aerial group. A group     B group     K group NOTE : There are no the C/D, E groups or widebands on this page as technically they have been obsolete from … Read More

Aerial and satellite dimensions and wind load

Subject list : – ATV’s TV / FM / DAB aerial dimensions – Wind load of satellite dishes – Aerial box dimensions – Wind loading on the pole Below is a table with all the (approximate) dimensions of the antennas … Read More

Anatomy of an awkward aerial installation

The subjects on this page are listed on the following order: – Postcode checkers aren’t always accurate – Just removing the old aerial was awkward enough – Installing a large aerial on a long pole – A pair of Ks, … Read More

ATV aerial gain tests : all the gain curves

The gain curves are conservative estimates, but I bet they’re not that far out……… One things for sure, they’re all accurate relative to each other, which is what matters ! Note these curves are in dBd, that is gain compared … Read More

ATV aerial gain tests : full results

Subject  list : – FM/DAB results – Test results (full) of Group A aerials – Test results (full) of Group B aerials – Test results (full) of Group K aerials – Test results (full) of Group E aerials – Test … Read More

Test of “economy Tri Boom” the MUX Magician

Tri boom aerials were popularised by Televes (the DAT45 and 75) but more recently other companies have started producing them. I’ve never been that keen on Tribooms, I have generally found their gain figures to be lower than expected, in … Read More

FM Half Wave Dipole

The FM half wave dipole works very well for FM but also works pretty well for DAB.
Hard wired” dipole which is preferable for weather proofing….

The aerial comes with either a rotating clamp to fit poles up to 2″ diameter,
or a surface mount bracket
or a loft mounting kit.
When making your purchase, please choose your preferred configuration.

Carriage charges.
Non UK orders ALWAYS incur a carriage surcharge, please contact us for a quote BEFORE ordering !Read More

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