Taps for TV/FM/DAB signals c/w 3 F connectors


One way taps available in three types : 8dB/3dB or 15dB/1dB or 20dB/1dB.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.

Clear selection


Fully screened taps. 5 to 2150 MHz* .
Power pass on the through output, and earth bonding terminal.

8 / 3 * = 8dB side loss + 2.8dB through loss
15 / 1 = 15dB side loss + 1.2dB through loss
20 / 1 = 20dB side loss + 1.0dB through loss

* The 8dB tap is 5 to 862MHz and has no power pass.

See article on taps.

Case style may vary.

The three F connectors are supplied with these units and they’re good ones ! :

F connector with wide nut v narrow nut 206H L5

Carriage charges.