Wall plate (screened) : Diplexed (VHF/UHF)


Screened Diplexed wall plate / surface plate.

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TV + FM/DAB diplexed surface outlet plate in “off white”.
Note that not all diplexed wall plates will pass DAB.
Loss approx 1dB.
The unit is isolated on the FM/DAB leg, i.e. it will only pass 12V to a M / H amp but only on the TV leg.
The unit is screened, as are all our wall plates. The screening can may require the use of a deeper pattress box or spacer plate (sold here).
The TV outlet is a male (a Back to Back CoAx may be used if req to convert to to a female) and the FM/DAB outlet is a female.
Note this is a diplexed surface plate (one in to two out).

See article on surface plates.

Occasionally (very occasionally) an alternative plate of equivalent quality may be substituted. If colour (white or off white) is critical please inform us at time of order.

Wall plate diplexed VHF-UHF eq TV-FM and DAB rear view 396W L5

Male or female coax and F connectors 600W L5

Carriage charges.