Mains high gain amplifier


Quality screened mains amplifiers.
Available with 1 or 3 outputs, both have switchable gain.
The 3 way is out of stock at the present time. Buy the 4 way or a 1 way and a splitter.

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Amplifier specifications :

Gain (1 way amp) = switchable 12 or 18 dB
Gain (3 way amp) = switchable 7 or 13 dB
Max input level = 94 dBμV at max gain
Max output level (1 way amp) = 112 dBμV
Max output level (3 way amp) = 107 dBμV
Noise = approx 4.5 dB
Line power (for a M/H amp) = Not fitted
Input = 40 to 860MHz (i.e. covers FM, DAB and TV)
Power cons = 240V x 4W (approx)
Connectors = CoAx

Our One Way Mains Amps (“boosters”) have switchable (interstage) gain. These amps are well suited for pre amplifying signals prior to a splitter or long cable run. They are actually simplified launch amps so can handle large signals thus they can supply literally dozens of TVs (via splitters) if required subject to sufficient signal at the input. Screw holes for attaching to a wall if required.

1 year warranty on this product.

These amps are fully screened :

All amplifiers and splitters should be screened to reduce interference 590W L5

Carriage charges.