Diplexer INTERNAL Terr + Satellite cw 3 F connectors


Diplexer TV + FM/DAB (= UHF + VHF) c/w 3 F connectors.
Can be used inside or outside.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.


Internal Terr + Sat LNB diplexer to combine or separate Terrestrial (TV / FM / DAB) and a satellite LNB feed. This unit only has power pass on the satellite leg.

See article on Diplexers.

1 – Satellite LNB input (or output) at 950 to 2400MHz (loss approx 2dB) with power pass.
2 – Terrestrial (TV / DAB / FM) input (or output) at 5 to 860MHz (loss approx 1dB)
3 – Combined output (or input), with power pass.

The F connectors are supplied with this unit and they’re good ones ! :

F connector with wide nut v narrow nut 206H L5

Carriage charges.