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There’s a huge amount of information on here, much of it unique to this site. Here is a comprehensive list of all pages on the A.T.V. Website :

Distribution systems

Jump links : – Basic distribution system using one tap – Distribution system using an amp, taps and splitters – System work (regulations etc) – CoAx cable next to mains cable ? Basic distribution system using one amp and one … Read More

UHF / VHF frequencies, wavelengths, bands

– UHF Channel Numbers to Frequency etc – –  also see RF modulated channels – UHF / VHF frequencies to wavelengths – – incl : peaking an FM Half Wave to a frequency – RF Frequency “BANDS” In the UK … Read More


Splitting a signal from a satellite dish Satellite basic technical data Sky Digiboxes : general info (not Sky Q) Fault finding on a Sky Digilink system Should I fit a Zone 1 or a Zone 2 dish ? Wind load … Read More

Ladder safety

This is not meant to be an exhaustive article on the use of ladders, it’s just a reminder of the most important things to remember when using one. Surface : The ground on which the ladder is to be rested … Read More

Other Stuff…

Favourite Pictures Health and Safety Bollox Links Pondering….. WEE Regulations


Particularly to anyone with an interest in technology and how things work generally there are some good interesting links on here, believe me ! Links are listed under the following sections : TV/Radio reception TV related Technical (other) Other Digital … Read More

Health and Safety Bollox

Subject jump list : – Health and Safety Bollocks : 1970s Style – Health and Safety Bollocks : Pendolino style – Health and Safety Bollocks : School Style – Actually, how risky is it ? Note : taking care on … Read More

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