Attenuator (variable CoAx 1dB to 25dB)


Variable CoAx attenuator (1dB to 25dB).

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Variable value “in line” CoAx attenuator

Male Co-Ax to Female Co-Ax
Infnitely variable from about 1dB to 25dB
5 to 1000 MHz

See article on attenuators

Attenuators can be useful in discovering if you have sufficient signal to use a splitter (as opposed to an amplifier). If your signal is still fine with one of these inline (see through loss of splitters) a splitter will be fine, an amplifier is not required.

NOTE : purchasing a 6db and a 12dB fixed value attenuator gives the option of 6db or 12dB or 18dB total attenuation, this is an alternative to a variable attenuator.

Carriage charges.