Mast head amp “universal” 2 way


Quality screened 2 way mast head with variable inter-stage gain.
Decent quality F connectors included.
Amp available with the PSU as part of a kit or separately.
Also available in a four output version.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.

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Fully screened Mast Head Amp with inter-stage variable gain. The amp will not pass FM/DAB, if required this should be diplexed in after the amplifier. The amp can supply one or two TV points directly or more via a splitter with power pass. As an example, if the amp were turned up to 20dB and then sent through an 8 Way splitter (with a through loss of 12dB) you would still have a “nett gain” of 8dB per output, less any cable loss. The weatherproof enclosure makes it equally suitable for mounting on the aerial mast, or on the wall, or in the loft. The plastic housing is removable, if required, so the amp unit can be screwed directly to any surface, e.g a loft joist. The amp is not cascadable, which is usually a good thing……
Max recommended distance from the PSU to amp would be well over 250m, though that is purely theoretical because the signal (travelling in the opposite direction) would never get as far as that, not in a usable form anyway.
Earth bonding terminal.

LTE 4G and 5G filtered

Amplifier specifications

Gain = Variable (interstage) : 1 x 5 to 20 dB
Max input level = 80 dBμV
Noise = 2.5 dB
Freq range = 470 to 694 MHz
Fully screened
Power requirement = 12V x 50mA

Power Supply (if required, available separately)

Output Voltage = 12V (+/- 0.6V) x 100mA
Insertion loss = Less than 0.5 dB
Protection = Short circuit (indefinite)
Fully screened
Power consumption = 240V x 3W

Also see four output version.

2 year warranty on this product.

Mast head an wall mounting the units 404W L5

The 4 F connectors required are included in the price, and they`re decent ones !

F connector with wide nut v narrow nut 206H L5

Examples of a mast head amp in use :

The system below includes a tap and a splitter, but use of just splitter(s) is probably more common !

All amplifiers and splitters should be screened to reduce interference 590W L5

Carriage charges.