Attach plug to “Custom Cable”


We can make up any cable (length or colour or plug), simply order the requisite components and we charge £2 per end to out them on.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.


Custom cables, any length cable, any colour with any plug. To avoid confusion we recommend that you phone the order through, and furthermore we may be able to send it Royal Mail which is also cheaper on the P & P.
Alternatively, if it’s straight forward, you can just order all the components Online, then add the £2 per end fee to attach the plugs

Top quality copper/copper satellite grade cable.

We can make up cables for you using any combination of the following :

Co-Ax plug ( = male) can used with a Co-Ax “Back to Backs” (to make a straight female connector)
Right Angle Co-Ax plug ( = male)
Right Angle Co-Ax socket ( = female)
F connectors ( = male) can be used with an F connector “Back to Backs” (to make a female)
F connector right angle adapter (converts an F connector to a right angle)

See feedback on fly leads and all about fly leads.

Better F connectors, wider nut = easier to use :

Standard and wide nut F connecters 500W L5

Male or female coax and F connectors 600W L5

Available cable colours : Black – Brown – White – Red – Green – Yellow

Cable colur we sell black brown white red green or yellow 750W L5

Carriage charges.