F connector (superior wide nut)


Quality F connector.

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Note, F connectors (if required) are included with any amp or splitter supplied by us.

All about F connectors.

Screwed on v crimped on F connectors

The picture below shows two types of F connector. The one on the right is the easier to use type with a bigger nut and a “long body”, so obviously that’s the one we stock.

F connector with wide nut v narrow nut 206H L5

Our Fs have in internal diameter of about 6.5mm, they fit our cable which has an external diameter of about 6.7mm, and they are supposed to be a tight fit !

NOTE : It is not unknown for the nuts to pull off the bodies of F connectors (all F connectors…..), so our advice is order more than you need !

May be supplied in bright or gun metal grey finish.

Male or female coax and F connectors 600W L5

Carriage charges.