Yagi 18C/D and Yagi 18E aerial performance reports

Yagi 18C/D (obsolete)
Yagi 18E

NOTE: many of these reports are from the pre switchover low power digital + analogue era, but that doesn't make them any less relevant as regards aerial performance, if anything it makes them more so because aerial performance was actually better assessed when using analogue signals due to the "all or nothing" nature of digital TV reception.

Analogue v Digital pictures - how they degrade 310W L5

Yagi 18C/D

Yagi18C/D gain curve compared to other relevant aerials.

Note : many of these reports are from the analogue era, but that actually makes them more valid because of the "all or nothing" nature of digital reception.

Due to the 2016 confirmation of the 700MHz clearance the C/D group will be obsolete by 2020. Thus, from 2011 we recommended the Yagi 18E over the Yagi18C/D, and ceased stocking C/Ds altogether from Jan 2015.
However we have kept a few aerial reports on here which illustrate general aerial issues.

Yagi 18 TV aerial 220W L10 4kB

W Clark (Dover Transmitter)
We're in a poor signal area near Ashford and we had an Antiference XG10WB (a model of XB10WB) aerial up on Dover but we suffered from unacceptable digital picture breakup.
The cable was satellite quality and the same downlead for used for both aerials. Swapping to a Yagi18CD resulted in the elimination of virtually all the break up, what more can you say!
The three reports in this section are particularly interesting because gain wise a decent XB10WB wouldn't be that far behind a decent Yagi18C/D (i.e. the one we sell (sold)), yet there was a significant reduction in picture breakup when the Yagi18C/D was used ! These aren't the only occasions when a Yagi18C/D has outperformed a "high gain" wideband even when (theoretically) it shouldn't. Most surprising was when a colleague of mine sold an 18C/D to a customer who had a TriBoom in his loft (on Winter Hill), I thought he,d be back on to swap it [or buy a mast head amp] but actually it worked better ! ? ! Not sure why exactly, maybe the grouped aerial(s) have a tighter polar response diagram ? But whatever it is, just like with any aerial install, nothing,s guaranteed because RF is a Black Art....... Anyway, even if the 18C/D doesn,t end up working much better than your XB10WB it will have a lower wind loading and be much better made, that, we can guarantee!

C Wheeler (Malvern Transmitter)
Moved into a new house, TV point didn’t work. Turned out the initial cause was lack of a power supply for the amplifier on the aerial. TV man came out (at hideous expense, considering), replaced it, then went away with the pictures on many channels marginal. Being a bit of a dabbler, and the roofer having left a roof ladder handy, I investigated further. Found the aerial amplifier wasn’t sealed and was very rusty inside, replaced it. Routed the aerial cable to where we actually wanted it (cutting out around 5m of cable and 10m of extension as a result). Still not a great picture on some channels, in particular MUXES 55 and 57, found this site. Realised the fitted one was cheap tiny rubbish (X5WB?), and looking at the frequency response of a Yagi 18C/D it looked like it was best where the signal was weakest.
So, ordered one and fitted it. Sadly and oddly found that whilst most of the bad channels were now good, the good channels were now bad, and in the case of MUX 3 on CH60 (HD channels) non existent! Got in touch, and found that I’d misread part of the instructions, resulting in my fitting the aerial cradle in line with the elements, rather than at 90 degrees to them. Once it was put at 90 degrees to them, all the channels came back in good quality. The ‘incorrectly fitted cradle tests’ on this site don’t go above CH52, but show the largest drop in signal at this, from my experience I suspect that the drop in signal increases further at higher channels. Still, their conclusion (fit it at 90 degrees to the elements) stands firm!
The one thing I do regret doing is not checking out the local area first, however. Looking around other local houses I now see that they point to one of three Transmitters. Crunching the numbers on various websites I’d have probably done better getting a Yagi 18K and pointing it in the opposite direction at Bromsgrove. I suspect installers just try one direction rather than seeing which is best for an individual house. I also see lots of houses with multiple aerials and satellite dishes, probably people who replaced the system rather than improving the aerial! [link] We're grateful to Chris for supplying this aerial report which not only backs up my tests but will hopefully act as a warning to others!

J Lee (Winter Hill Transmitter)
I just bought a Yagi 18C/D aerial from you, to replace a recently fitted new Tri-boom. This is now fitted and working wonderful, but I had also to replace the ancient 4-way distribution box in my attic, which had also failed, with a new 8-way box. I fitted the tri-boom to the top of a 10 foot 2 inch pole, that I bought from you last year, to the side of my chimney stack. The height of the aerial was about 30 feet above ground level, just about sufficient to "peep" above the houses opposite and get a better view of Winter Hill Transmitter.The Yagi does seem to give a better signal than the tri-boom but the issue is clouded by the fact that the distribution box was also faulty. Anyway, I thought you might be interested into seeing what the winds managed to do to the tri-boom in just 10 months at this height. So I enclose a couple of pictures for you and would be pleased if you could put them on your site :

MUX Magician economy Tri Boom aerial falling apart 287H border L10 21kB

"So I enclose a couple of pictures for you and would be pleased if you could put them on your site to show what happens when you fit an aerial that you do not recommend. One is taken from ground level, the other through a window opening in my loft. I have been unable to find the missing pieces".

MUX Magician economy Tri Boom aerial falling apart 287H border L10 21kB (2)

Yagi 18E

Yagi18E gain curve compared to other relevant aerials.

Note : many of these reports are from the analogue era, but that actually makes them more valid because of the "all or nothing" nature of digital reception.

Yagi 18 TV aerial 220W L10 4kB

B Ashdown  (Dover Transmitter)
I've read your website but have confused myself. Please could you recommend me an aerial for my static caravan at Monkton. I currently have a V10-28L Log Periodic aerial made by Vision securely mounted approx 4 metres above the ground which connects directly into the back of a Samsung LCD TV using approx 8 metres of CT100 cable. It points to the Dover Transmitter. The inbuilt TV tuner says I get roughly 92% signal strength and no BIT errors but intermittently it dips for a second or two to almost 0% signal and 2000 BIT errors (this is despite the fact the Digital UK postcode checker says it,s a good signal area). I'm absolutely sure that I have good connections and have eliminated thermostats/fridges and other devices. I can only think this is being caused by a row of very tall conifer trees about 150 metres away that is directly in the path of the Dover Transmitter. Am I stuck with this or can I improve things with a higher gain aerial?
Well I bought a Yagi 18E from you and I'm pleased to say it's done the trick. Just thought I'd let you know in case it may help others. Many thanks for your help.

R Walls (Sudbury Transmitter)
I was most impressed by the speed of delivery of my recent purchase of a Yagi18E aerial. I placed the order on the 16th of November and received it on the 17th. Assembly of the aerial was straightforward and by the evening I was getting results from Sudbury digital 37 kilometres away with the aerial downstairs in the lounge. I chose the Yagi18E because my previous aerial (mounted outside at some 28ft) was a B group which did not provide adequate signals at the top of the band, channel 60/63 from Sudbury (this was pre DSO). The Yagi18E, installed on the 18th, provides good signals over the whole of teh Sudbury band. The Yagi18E is well designed and rugged - a Rolls Royce of an aerial, I would recommend it.
I found your data on the various aerials most helpful in making my choice.

M Smith (Sutton Coldfield Transmitter)
We are on the borderline of good Freeview reception from Sutton Coldfield and certain digital channels have presented a problem in the past. When our old Triax Unix 52 wideband aerial blew down in a storm I contacted ATV: Justin recommended the Yagi18. I decided to go for a group E and the high quality coaxial cable. Now that the 18E has been installed all MUX's are noticeably stronger than with the old wideband UNIX 52 aerial, though MUX6 is still lower than the others *. To be fair we also changed the cable at the same time but all channels now have perfect reception with no picture break up even on the weaker channels. The 18E aerial is also very well made and seems very strong, the elements are certainly much stronger than the UNIX. Highly recommended.
* Note that MUX6 (on CH55 pre 2011 switchover) was found to be a bit down on the other MUXES, even on an  E group aerial [as opposed to a B group].

G Sharpe (Hannington Transmitter)
Bought the Yagi18E for use with Freeview (tuners on a Topfield 5800 pvr). Was getting a slightly iffy digital signal with a roof aerial pointing at Crystal Palace (had been fine on analogue) and as we have direct line of sight to Hannington (from an elevated position in south Reading) I thought I would try loft mounting a new aerial pointed at that. Works a treat, even through the concrete tiles, giving a good strong signal that doesn't drop out on bad days like the old aerial did, though possibly from a wobbly mounting or the trees that were in the way? Build quality is complete overkill for a loft mounting, but it certainly felt like I was fitting competent piece of kit.So a good result from using your info and kit - thanks!

D Horton (Hannington Transmitter)
I've just erected a Yagi18 E-band antenna to replace a wide-band high-gain antenna, which is directed at the Hannington Transmitter. I live in a fringe area for TV reception (Crystal Palace Transmitter is weaker) and have been getting poor signals on Freeview, so decided to upgrade to a more specific antenna. In the meantime, I discovered that the inline aerial amplifier was actually attenuating the signals, so disconnected it and discovered signals perfectly satisfactory without it! The 18E has a slight gain over the wideband antenna, but notice that signal quality is markedly improved. Hope this of use to you.

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