Universal plug (50mm) NO SCREW


Universal plugs 10mm x 50mm (available with the screws here).
These are good, see details below.
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50mm “Universal” wall plug ONLY, but also available with the screw(s)

Product appearance may vary

These plugs are very good and usually work even where conventional wallplugs won’t tighten due to the brickwork having voids in it or being particularly soft, but they also work in solid masonry. Hence the name “universal”.
Thoroughly recommended (from personal experience)…..

Requires 10mm hole. Accepts screw sizes 6.0mm to 8.0mm

See article on wall anchors, and remember more wall anchors = a stronger install…..
Note that four anchors are required for a standard wall bracket and five (or more) for a pair of T & Ks.
For heavy duty fixings see sleeve anchors.
Note that 4 anchors are req for a standard wall bracket and 5 (or more) for a pr of T & Ks.

Universal plug 50mm 400W L5