FAQs : Amplifiers "boosters" and splitters

Do TV aerial amplifier boosters work ? / Will an amplifier booster improve my digital Freeview TV reception : If your aerial only feeds one point and you do not have a long cable run then amps "boosters" will not usually improve your TV signal. An aerial amplifier is only likely to improve your TV reception if the signal has been split multiple times or the cable lengths are particularly long. In cases of excessive signal amplifiers can actually make things worse. More detail on amplifiers / boosters.

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How can I boost my digital TV signal ? : If you need more signal because you want to feed more TV points (or send the signal down long cables) use an amplifier. If you want to "boost" the signal because you are suffering from digital signal problems / pixelation then you want to be looking at a higher gain aerial, particularly if you can use a grouped aerial. Also try mounting your aerial higher up, or, if it's in the loft, mounting it outside. Alternatively, if you have the option, try a different transmitter. More detail on amplifiers - high gain aerials - effect of height on TV reception - loft aerials

What is the difference between a signal booster and an amplifier ? : There is no difference they are simply different words for the same thing. The word amplifier is used by those in the trade or with more specialist knowledge, whereas the term "booster" tends to be used more by the general public. No more detail on this is required......

Can my TV signal be too strong ? : You can have a TV signal which is too strong and the symptoms are pretty much indistinguishable from insufficient signal. Even worse many TVs and set top boxes report poor signal when the actual fault is excessive signal. Too much signal can also cause problems in any amplifier you have in the circuit, not just in TV tuners. Fortunately, experimentation with an inexpensive attenuator can diagnose and/or cure the fault. More detail on excessive TV signal.

Do TV aerial splitters weaken the signal ? Aerial splitters will weaken your signal. However in reasonable signal strength areas your TV can cope with this loss OK, particularly if only splitting the signal twice. Thus, unless you live in a known poor signal area, we recommend trying a splitter before you try an amplifier / booster. Splitters attenuate the signal regardless of whether there are TVs connected to all of the outputs. More detail on aerial splitters.

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