Cable (“Twinsat” double) : Black


The best “Twinsat” version of WF100 cable “Double Screened” (copper/copper) & CAI approved.
It is suitable for FM, DAB, TV and Satellite (two x 6.6mm thick and 75 Ohm impedance).

Price per metre.

Carriage charges. Non UK orders almost always incur a carriage surcharge.


Double Cable (also known as “Shotgun cable” or ‘Twinsat’.
See article on Double Cable.
2 x 6.7mm cables side by side. NOTE : it is actually cheaper to buy double the length of single cable (particularly if bought on a reel) than the equivalent in Twinsat, it’s just a bit more fiddly to install and not quite as neat !
Specification is exactly the same as our single cable (i.e. top top quality copper/copper), but also LSF (Low Smoke and Fumes).

NOTE  the WF100 we sell is not the same specification as CT100.
WF100 is pure copper throughout but the braid and foil of CT100 are copper clad aluminium. Only the centre conductor of CT100 is pure copper. And I only found that out in Dec 2023 !

And don’t forget cable clips (special size clips are required), you’ll kick yourself if you do……

For (up to) 10m of this cable the P&P is cheaper for this item if you phone the order through !

The cable is just as important as the aerial (and any amp or splitter, if fitted) in providing a decent signal on your set. The cable should be changed as a matter of course if any work is undertaken on the aerial, unless you are sure it is sound and of good quality.

A typical cable run (from the roof) is about 15m. Bear in mind that it is preferable to order a bit too much, than a piece that’s a bit too short….. Any extra cable can be made into fly leads, which, I guarantee, will be better quality than those you already have.