Pole coupler 2 inches to 1.25 inch


Heavy duty product for coupling a 2” pole and a 1.25 ” pole together.

Carriage charges.


2” to 1.25” pole coupler

This mast coupler is useful if you need to install an antenna on a long pole but the aerial will only accept a 1.25” pole in its mounting clamp. Thus you couple a long 2” pole to a short top section of 1.25” pole.

The coupler is made of 3.0mm steel tubing, galvanised and then painted (the latter because the point where the sections join together has had the galvanising ground off to facilitate welding). Four M8 set screws hold the poles in the coupler. Centre bar to aid attachment of guy wires, I`d loop them round the pole, the bar preventing them dropping down the mast.

Carriage charges.